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Oh look, it's the community I founded and left to rot back in whenever it was.

Here's a picture of Lee for you peverts:

If you are reading this, you must comment.

- Eli, your official founder.
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PRESENTED [02 Jun 2007|10:18pm]


This vintage Soviet lap steel guitar, 1967 (other copy) was presented to Lee Ranaldo in Moscow yesterday.

Sonic Youth have Russian guitar now!
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[02 Jun 2007|10:06pm]


54 rare pictures from SY gig in Moscow, Soviet Union, 1989

Bring lee [10 Feb 2006|07:31am]

[ mood | lee ]

MMmmm, Lee.

Is anyone else obsessed with Lee's shoes? I can't stop thinking about Lee's footwear. Just imagining his trainers is enough to send me into raptures. Do you believe in that?

Lee, wear more shoes, quick.

And stop having only one song per album.

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[13 Jun 2005|08:26pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hi guys. I'm new here- Lee is by far my favorite SY member and he's my favorite person at the moment. I just heard his CD "East Jesus" and I must say it rocks.

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The Notorious Rockin' Lee [21 May 2005|09:56am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Have you ever noticed Lee is kind of neglected in the band?

I mean, 'Genetic' was amazing, and that was moved down to B-Side. 'Lee #2' was never released (except via Sonic Death), and what happened on Experimental Jet Set?

The only consolation is the fact that most of the demos released with Dirty Deluxe Edtion were of 'Wish Fulfillment'.

When will Lee be free?

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THIS SHIT IS HOT YO [03 Aug 2004|02:45am]

[ mood | FREE LEE ]

Ok some people don't like this song, and yet it RULES. Not as hot as Lee singing "Skip Tracer" in Ak LIVE LIVE LIVE, but what is? Esp w/such fineass company as ELISABETH and LIVVIE and LISA and so on? But MAN, this album, it's just getting better and better and better. It's so DEEP and SONGY, the most they've been like that since "Washing Machine", really. Best Lp since that, so far. And prob better, I think, and considering I LOVE "WM", and also "A Thousand Leaves" and "Murray St" (which feels kinda like a warmup for this thing now, Kim sings so beautifully now (at last), like all her songs have that "Sympathy for the Strawberry" gorgeousness happening, fuck it's sounding so GOOD. And I liked "NYC Ghosts + Flowers" more than most, too. AND I like the Eps. BUT this is up there w/anything they've ever done, I think, suddenly they're maybe my fav band again and I kinda know how it must've felt to be around when "Daydream Nation" came out (I was there for "Dirty". Oh, happy fucking day). GO LEE! GO SONICS! GO US! WE GET TO HEAR THIS RECORD! THANK YOU SY! Shit, I dunno if I can really put this below too much else they've done. For REALS this time, it's always what we hope for, but NOW WOW IT'S HAPPENING, I think. Thurston's even being less of a hippy! Steve's funky as fuck! I think Jim O'Rourke might really have added a LOT to Sy, the rhythms feel so much more fluid (in the guitar as well as the bass/drums btw) and it SOUNDS so GREAT. So deep and clear. Having yr producer in the band is often a good idea. Also I think MOST of the credit must lie w/of course LEE LEE LEE. He needs to sing at least two songs on the next record, tho, why not. And shit maybe STEVE and JIM should sing too, harmonies are NICE. In conclusion I like this new Sy album and I hope you do too. A+.

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[13 Jul 2004|08:24pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

Let's all discuss Lee.
Rule number 1 - You must be listening to a Lee song when you post in this community.

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